Product Management Coaching Program

Beta test IS NOW FULL

Hi, there and thanks for visiting! I will soon be launching a 1:1 coaching program and, just like all good product managers, will be running a beta test before accepting clients officially. The beta test is now full, but if you would like to be notified when the coaching program is open to everyone, please fill out the form below and I will keep you informed.

See what others have said about my private coaching program!

“I learned how to conquer interviews. Joni is patient and offers a lot of experience as a product manager. “


“Joni has helped me develop new ways of looking at issues. I enjoy the opportunity to discuss current challenges with Joni and take away actionable items.”


“I benefitted by learning directly from someone who has been a hiring manager as well as a senior product manager. It was very valuable when she helped me with the hiring process.”


“We brought in Joni right at a time when we were stuck. We had a vision of where we wanted to go and lots of great ideas but had no structure or process for getting those ideas into actionable steps. Joni led us through a series of workshops where we were able to organize andContinue reading “Nathan Kelly, CEO of Adero”

Nathan Kelly, CEO of Adero

I have had the pleasure of working with Joni on two separate occasions – first at Sonos and then later at TrackR. At Sonos, she and I worked very closely over a number of years on a series of different SW related projects. It was clear from the start that Joni’s combination of business smarts,Continue reading “Raja Subramoni”

Raja Subramoni

Resume Revamp Testimonial “I was amazed by the fast turnaround time and the relevance of the tips that were provided. There were areas in my resume that required improvement, which were not obvious to me, so the critique has definitely improved the quality of my resume. Highly recommended!”

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