PM Power Hour

Imagine having one hour with a product management expert to answer urgent your work or career related questions.

Maybe you’re struggling with questions about how to land more first-round interviews. Or perhaps you’ve just been hired and are wondering how to maximize your first days on the job. Or you’re feeling stuck about how to perform customer interviews and lead product discovery at your company.

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and trying to figure it out on your own? This one-hour call will provide you with the clarity you need to move forward and make progress.

About Joni Hoadley

I love helping people who love creating products! With more than 20 years as a product management leader, I have interviewed and hired hundreds of people. Now I’m following my passion of helping people grow and want to help you accelerate your career as a product manager. I’ve worked with a variety of people, from college students seeking their first product management job to product managers with a few years experience who are striving to carve the right career path for themselves. I’ve also coached executives and consultants who are looking for expertise in how to scale their product teams and product development processes. You can reach me at hello@eliteproductmanagement.com

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