Why Products Fail and the One Thing Product Managers Can Do to Avoid It

UPDATED AT 12:15 PM PACIFIC TIME, 2/4/20 I had no idea when I wrote this article that I would wake up to the #IowaCaucusDisaster. What a shame the people who developed the app used didn’t have a chance to read this. I had coffee recently with someone who works in academia and is deeply connectedContinue reading “Why Products Fail and the One Thing Product Managers Can Do to Avoid It”

12 Habits of Successful Product Managers

I’m a huge fan of Dolly Parton for so many reasons. She once said “If you don’t like the road you’re on, start paving another one.” Are YOU happy with the road that you’re on? Do you wish you could be on a different road? Or maybe you would just like to get from pointContinue reading “12 Habits of Successful Product Managers”

Metrics: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part Three: The Good (how to measure for outcomes)

Everybody knows metrics are important for product managers. The key is using the right data to inform and influence your product decisions.

There are 3 types of data: The good, the bad, and, yes, the ugly. In this three-part series, I’ll explain each one of these, culminating in how to measure for outcomes (aka, The Good).