5 things Product Managers should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Expressing gratitude every day is a key to being healthy and happy. It’s a practice that product managers, in particular, should adopt. Too often, we PMs can be overly critical about our products, our companies, and ourselves. It’s only natural… we’re expected to analyze everything and come up with ways to improve things. It’s hardContinue reading “5 things Product Managers should be thankful for this Thanksgiving”

Top 10 Frightfully Scary Product Manager Nightmares

Halloween is just around the corner. I love watching scary movies this time of year, especially the original Halloween movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis. There are so many scary movies to choose from, I usually watch one almost every night during October… which always leads to nightmares. This got me thinking… what are the topContinue reading “Top 10 Frightfully Scary Product Manager Nightmares”

What do Tom Brady and Oprah have in common with product managers?

The key to winning is to lead your team to focus on the right solution for the first opportunity you need to deliver before moving on to the second one, and the third one and so on. Prioritize and focus on incremental activities that put you closer to your goal.