How to get into Product Manager Interviews

I mentioned in a previous post that you have less than 7.4 seconds for your resume to make an impression on the person receiving it. So it’s critical that you create the perfect resume if you want a job in product management. Once your resume has been optimized, you’re ready to launch your job search. Or are you?!?

In the video below, Matthew Du Pont talks about how to get a higher number of first-round interviews for product management roles and how to succeed in those interviews. Presented at a Product School event, Matthew walks through the typical way job seekers look for a job (find a job, apply to the job with some tweaks to your resume and cover letter to personalize it to the company/job, apply online and then … 🦗🦗🦗 crickets).

Instead of this common approach, Matthew advises job seekers to find a job posting and then talk to someone who’s worked at the company. And I love this particular tip for setting up informational interviews: find someone who used to work for the company. The best, most honest feedback you can get about a company is from someone who no longer works there. Plus, they likely still have contacts that they can share with you so that you can get your resume directly in the hands of the people who matter.

Check out the video here.

You can also view and download the slides from his presentation here: How to Get into Product Manager Interviews by fmr OKCupid PM from Product School

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