Coaching Services

Imagine having a product management expert available to answer any career questions you have.

You might be struggling with questions about how to land more first-round interviews. Or perhaps you’ve just been hired and are wondering how to maximize your first days on the job. Maybe you’re just feeling stuck and need someone to help you develop your leadership skills.

If you are a Product Manager, one of the most impactful decisions you can make is to find a coach. I offer private coaching sessions via video conferencing and am eager to help you advance your career. If you want to learn more about me, click over here. Otherwise, keep reading to find out which of my services is best for you.


Are you actively looking for a job in product management, but fear you lack the confidence to impress the hiring manager? Do you want to improve your chances of landing your dream job? Get constructive feedback and actionable advice with my one-on-one, real-time mock interview sessions.


Are you about to start a new job and not sure how to begin? Have you recently joined a company as a new product manager and want to set yourself up for success? I can help you get up to speed faster and smarter so that you are making progress at the 30/60/90 day milestones.


Have you reached a plateau where you can’t seem to move up in your company? Are you unsure what your career potential as a product manager even looks like? I’ve been through this before and can share my first-hand experience with you. I can help you evaluate where you’re at, explore the options for your future and create a personal career roadmap that will excite and fulfill you.


Congratulations on making the decision to grow your product management career! To learn more about how to advance your career, just complete the form below and I’ll be in touch via email.


“I learned how to conquer interviews. Joni is patient and offers a lot of experience as a product manager. “


“Joni has helped me develop new ways of looking at issues. I enjoy the opportunity to discuss current challenges with Joni and take away actionable items.”


“I benefitted by learning directly from someone who has been a hiring manager as well as a senior product manager. It was very valuable when she helped me with the hiring process.”


Resume Revamp Testimonial “I was amazed by the fast turnaround time and the relevance of the tips that were provided. There were areas in my resume that required improvement, which were not obvious to me, so the critique has definitely improved the quality of my resume. Highly recommended!”